Child Abuse Assessment

1. Has there been a disclosure of abuse by the victim to an adult?

2. At what time did the supposed abuse take place?

3. Are there any physical signs of abuse, and if so, what is the seriousness of the injury?

3. Is the alleged victim displaying any of the following?

4. What is the relationship between the victim and the alleged

5. Age of alleged victim?

6. Number of Siblings?


7. How old is the abuser? Age can be determined by self-reports,
estimates, and other sources of information:

8. How many prior reported acts of abuse be alleged abuser?

9. Is there a prior criminal record of alleged abuser?

10. Did abuser suffer or witness abuse of child?

11. Does abuser have access to children?

12. Does abuser have alcohol or drug problems?

13. What interventions have been applied to the abuser to stop
their abusive or inappropriate behavior?

14. What is the status of parents relationship?


15. Are the child’s parents involved in a child custody dispute?

16. Are there any prior incidents of Domestic Violence in the household?

17. Is there, and if so, what is the seriousness of emotional abuse?

18. Is there a recent or open child welfare case for physical/sexual

19. Status of child protective service involvement?

20. Prior injury to children as a result of child abuse or sexual

21. Are there any current or past restraining orders in place?


Based on your answers the Child Abuse Assessment score is:

Here is what we recommend, based on your score:

1. 0-16 – Does not appear to be a serious risk for future abuse. If you have further information that should be considered please contact our office for free consultation.

2. 17-38 : There appears to be a high risk of future abuse. We advise you to contact our office for a free consultation

3. 38 and higher – There is VERY HIGH RISK for future abuse. We advise you to contact our office for free consultation. You may consider taking immediate action to protect those involved. As with all cases of abuse we stress the urgency of the matter.